Glenn S. Fuchs
Creative Design and Production Professional
757 Point View Road • Brick, NJ 08724
732-785-2940 home • 732-232-3881 cell •



You've found me! Glenn S. Fuchs, creative design and production professionl extraordinaire. My last name is pronounced "fewks", as in rhyming with dukes. Oh, and yes, I do realize that if you replace one of the letters of my last name, you get a very naughty word. My last name is German in origin and translates as "fox". A fitting name for a creative person, who is as clever as a fox, or as clever as a Fuchs in this case.
As for my first name, Glenn, it's Scottish for "valley", not that I'm Scottish or anything. So, I guess you could say my whole name means "valley of the fox"!


I'm an art director / graphic designer with over 14 years of experience in pharmaceutical advertising on the professional side as opposed to consumer. I've worked on almost all types of traditional print materials as well as quite a few digital / multimedia projects as a content designer. Don't get me wrong though, I've also done a number of projects for an area synagogue and several non-pharma clients. I'm a father of 2 beautiful daughters and a recording artist / DJ with mad audio skills.
Look up Kid Kosher on Apple iTunes or the official web site to find out more!

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